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Lorac Pro Palette

Lorac Pro PaletteA few weeks back while standing in line at Ulta, I saw a mini Lorac Pro Palette in their display stands by the register. I had never tried any of the Lorac Palettes before so the small size and lower price for this one caught my attention. After taking a look at the colors inside, I decided to go ahead and purchase it since this mini pocket palette would  be the perfect way to try Lorac shadows for the first time. The next day, I did my eye makeup using the palette and immediately became obsessed with it! All three colors are nicely pigmented and go on smooth, but I just couldn’t get enough of the Pewter color. The color looks so much better once it’s on your eye lid compared to how it looks in the palette… Its the perfect mix of brown and grey. I’ve pretty much been wearing that color since I got it! I really like the small size of this palette too since it can fit in a small makeup up bag, and doesn’t take up too much room in larger bags. 

I definitely want to try out other Lorac Pro Palettes and had actually been eyeing this one, which include both shadows and blush, before I bought the Pocket Pro Palette. Have you tried a Lorac Pro Palette before? Let me know your favorite if you have!   

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True Lipz Lip Gloss

True Lipz LipglossI’m actually quiet a fan of lip glosses and glossy lips but I can’t stand when lip glosses turn out to be so sticky that my hair gets caught on my lips as soon as there’s a small breeze. So… needless to say I’m pretty picky when it comes to buying lip gloss. I just recently tried a few glosses from the True Lipz Lip Gloss line and was pleasantly surprised. They weren’t sticky at all and they actually felt really soft and hydrating on my lips, which was a nice surprise.

I decided to do a little research on the brand after trying them out, since they are a fairly new brand, and here’s a little about what I found- The two main ingredients in True Lipz lip gloss are lanolin and dragons blood which are known to hydrate and condition. Dragons Blood comes from a tree found in the Amazon and is bright red in color, so that’s where it gets its name from. They are also high in vitamin E thanks to the avocado oil and jojoba seed oil in the True Lipz formula. So not only is it a non-sticky formula with plenty of pretty colors to choose from, but it also really helps out your lips by keeping them soft and moisturized! Win, win!  There is also a little surprise to these glosses, the tube comes with a small mirror on the side and a light at the top of the cap for easy application anywhere you are. 

True Lipz lip gloss comes in two different lines, Lustre ($24.95) and Flash ($18.95). The Lustre line has 8 different shades and a white LED light, while the Flash line has 6 shades with a multi colored flashing light. – All True Lipz products are cruelty free and made here in the U.S.

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 *I received these products for free but was not paid to write about them.

13 Clothing and Accessory items for Halloween

After sharing some Halloween approved beauty products on Monday, I just had to share some of these clothing and accessory items for Halloween that are also perfect for any other day of the season. Some of them are a little more Halloween themed, like this Wildfox Pumpkin Sweater, but this grey scarf with a web print will fit seamlessly into your wardrobe. 

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